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John Caulfield,owner, Land Mark Builder, for Architect, add Kevin Pressey, owner, Pressey and Associates
Phase 1:
!!!Land Purchased!!!
Land, architecture, excavation
Funding Goal: $405k

Funding To-date: $228,042 (56%)
Major In-Kind-Architect Kevin Pressey, owner, Pressey and Associates: $220k
Phase 2:
Build the house: $900k-$1,200k
Major In-kind: John Caulfield,owner, Land Mark Builder

Phase 3:
Furnish the house: Estimate: $100k
Major In-kind: Lazy Boy

Phase 4:
On-going annual operating expenses: $220k
Grand Opening

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From the 2015 Dinner Dance, the NCL volunteers, by Links photographer Heather Adair. NCL Volunteers

We understand that while you're coping with your family member's diagnosis and treatment for a critical illness, you are wondering:

  • Where can we stay while my child, spouse, or parent is in the hospital?
  • How can we keep the family together?
  • How will we ever afford it? 

This is where the to be built Zafia's Family House comes in. We are dedicated to providing overnight and/or long term accommodations in a family-centered, homelike, supportive environment to families with members in Kaiser, Sutter, UC Davis or other local medical community hospitals. 8-12 private family bedrooms with baths are available at Zafia's Family House, as well as shared areas including a kitchen with a fully stocked food pantry, a library with Internet access, a relaxing television lounge and laundry facilities.

We invite you to learn more about the services we offer, or to see how you can help at the Zafia's Family House.


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